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HMB specialista na výrobu pro automobilový průmysl s vysokou kvalitou.{HMB title}
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HMB specialista na výrobu pro automobilový průmysl s vysokou kvalitou.

Vyrábíme lisovací nástroje, prototypové lisovací nástroje, kontrolní přípravky v nejvyšší kvalitě.

Software equipment.

Aktualizováno: 12.12.2018
In the area of development and design tools we use proven and high performance tools. For the simulation of forming is used the program  for the design tools CATIA v.5.

We can fully use the power of the software equipment with the help of our designers, their inventiveness and experience.

For CNC we use reliable CAD CAM solution.
  • PowerMILL (CAM milling form parts with module 5-axis milling)
  • PowerSHAPE (3D CAD for working with geometry, surfaces, solids and drawings)
  • FeatureCAM (CAM for fast programming workshop milling in 2.5D)

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